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Get a Grip!

Have you ever stopped to think how much contact your car actually has with the road? Your car (and YOU) stay on the road because of 4 hand-sized pieces of rubber compound. Let’s keep your tires properly inflated and rotated. And let’s replace your tires when the tread gets worn.


Your tires can also be an early warning system for other problems.

But there’s more to it than that. Your tires can also be an early warning system for other problems:

  • Are they worn on only one side? An alignment will help to solve that problem and improve your car’s fuel efficiency.
  • Does your car shake a certain speeds? It may need a wheel balance. A very slight difference in the weight from one half of your tire to the other can create a powerful vibration at high speeds.
  • Worn shocks can create other difficulties with your tires.

Here at Bruce’s Auto Service, we like to see your tires and know what to look for. Bring them in for a visit.

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We guarantee the service we provide and work performed. That’s why we’re ready to solve any problem that arose again for free! Bruce's auto repair shop are 100% guaranteed service.

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Tire Sales, Rotation & Wheel Balancing

Maintaining or finding the proper tire & wheel for your vehicle it is crucial important for your safety, and for your smooth riding.

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"Took my 2012 SUV in last week to have my brakes serviced and was beyond thrilled with the experience. The front waiting area was clean and the receptionist was very friendly. They took the time to explain to me the different options i had and gave me a clear and understandable breakdown of all the costs. I never felt like i was being taken advantage of and am beyond thrilled with the work done."

Antonio A

"I cannot recommend these folks highly enough. They took my car on very short notice, did the work very fast, their prices were extremely reasonable, and the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. Outstanding service"

Dave Baldock

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